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Anna Nery

At December 13, 1814, Ana Justina Ferreira was born in the city of Cachoeira, in the province of Bahia. Married Isidoro Antonio Nery, widowed at 30.
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His two children, a military doctor and an army officer, are called to serve the motherland during the Paraguayan War (1864-1870), chaired by Solano Lopes. The youngest student in the 6th year of medicine, provides medical services on behalf of the Brazilians.

Nery not resist separation from family and writes to the President of the Province, putting at the disposal of his country. On August 15 Party to the battlefields, where two of his brothers also fought. Improvises hospitals and spares no effort in helping the wounded.

After five years, returns to Brazil, is greeted with affection and praise, receives a laurel wreath and Victor Meirelles paints his picture, which is placed in the building of City Hall.

The imperial government grants him a pension, in addition to medals and humanitarian campaign.

He died in Rio de Janeiro on May 20, 1880.

The first School of Nursing was founded in Brazil got its name. Nery, as Florence Nightingale, broke with the prejudices of the time that women were imprisoned in the home.
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