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Period Florence Nightingale

Despite the difficulties that the pioneers of nursing had to face due to misunderstanding of the values necessary for the performance of the profession, schools spread across the world, from England. In the United States the first school was established in 1873. In 1877 the first graduate nurses begin to provide services to an address in New York.
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Schools should operate in accordance with the philosophy of the School Florence Nightingale, based on four key ideas:

1 - The training of nurses should be considered as important as any other form of education and be maintained by public money.

2 - The training schools should have a close association with hospitals, but keep your financial and administrative independence.

3 - Nurse practitioners should be responsible for education instead of people not involved in nursing.

4 - The students should, during the training period, be resident at their disposal, they offer comfortable and pleasant surroundings, close to the hospital.

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