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Shock cardiogenic
And when there was interference observed co bombeadora the action of the heart, as might occur in case of myocardial enfarto which results in insufficient or hipopefusao debito heart tissue.

Shock neurogenic
It occurs to dilation of blood vessels, resulting in the inactivity of the circulatory system, depriving the central nervous system of blood supply needed.

Shock hypovolemic
As its name says, and he caused by a reduced bulk of liquid due to loss of blood, plasma or water.If characterized by fall of venous pressure, increased resistance peripheral and tachycardia.

Shock anaphylactic
Exaggerated form of allergy to a product, resulting in vessel dilation, edemasnsensacao heat, itching, hives, formication, dyspnoea could even occur stop cardio respiratory and death.Examples " 'the allergy medicines, stings of insects, shellfish and other fruits of the sea

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