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Signs and symptoms of pregnancy, whether I'm pregnant

These are signs that suggest pregnancy, mainly due to increased progesterone.

_Amenorrhea And often the first sign that warns of a possible pregnancy, but may indicate estreasse emotional, chronic diseases, menopause, etc. ..

desire to vomit dizziness, with or without vomiting and called morning sickness, their occurrence and more in the morning, comes at the beginning of pregnancy.

Breast-Amendments are characterized by increased sensitivity, sense of weight, latejamento and increased pigmentation of nipples and halo, from the second month the breasts begin to grow in size

- Polaciuria increased urinary frequency especially in periods 1 and 3, this occurs because the growth of the uterus that presses the bladder, reducing the space nessecario to perform the function of reservoir.

_Abdominal vibration or tremors may be the first movements of the fetus that occurs at around 20 weeks of gestação.By are delicate and almost imperseptiveis can be confused with abdominal flat

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