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What and bursitis

The shoulder has large pockets (bursas) for free movement of friction between tendons and its underlying tissues. Each of them can ignite, because you were using shoulder the wrong way during any activity or due to an injury in a tendon or to any of the other articular structures, which caused irritation.

Every time you move the shoulder in order to contract or irritate the bag inflamed there is a reaction to pain.
At the top of the shoulder, bursitis causes pain when you extend the arm when the side or back to front with the palm of the hand facing down.
Being located bursitis in the back of the shoulder, the pain is manifested by twisting arms in both directions.
There may be also a sense of "bite" in a particular point of movement of the shoulder.

It is difficult to distinguish the pain of bursitis and a stretching of muscle or tendon.
The main difference is that Monday is manifested by driving or stretching the muscle, while the first is related to the movement of the shoulder, while you completely relaxed, for example if the arms oscilarem leaves drifting on the surface of the water in a swimming pool .
The bursitis may become more painful, if the problem gets worse, but the pain will be felt in the same place, every time the case is a contracted position that the
irritate ....

Sum Summarizing

The bursitis and caused by an inflammation of bursas, which requires medical care ......

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