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What and HPV


HPV or human papilloma virus is the cause of genital warts, relative to that which causes the common warts in both men and women.
Clearly, the worst consequence of this infection is the cancer of the cervix, uterus in women, but the genital warts bleed easily and are a great nuisance, as well as serve as a gateway for other diseases - including facilitating the infection by HIV. Not to mention that increase the risk of tumors in the rectum!
The doctor (proctologist) should treat them with adequate medicines and remove them with acid / cauterizá them, but where there is low on the immune system, they may make to appear, so the person
anger need monitoring.

Resumindo Summarizing

O HPV e um virus que pode causa verruguinhas nas genitalias,ee tambem o responsavel pelo aparecimento de cerca de 80% dos canceres de utero.mas se acusou tal virus em seu exame nao se preocupe,isso nao quer dizer que tera um cancer,apenas procure orientacao medica... The HPV, a virus that can cause verruguinhas in genitalias, ee also responsible for the emergence of about 80% of cancers are accused of utero.mas this virus in its examination not worry, this does not mean that a therapeutic cancer, only seek medical advice ...

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