segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

heart attack

atherosclerosis is a disease where arteries become clogged with fatty plaque

inside an artery, red blood cells rush to deliver oxygen to the body.

for peaple wiht high blood pressure,cells on the artery walls can break away..

allowing cholesterol molecules and blood cells to enter the artery wall.

causing cells in the artery wall to realease a chemical distress signal.

a white blood cell follows the chemical trail to the damaged artery wall.

the white blood cell rolls along the surface off the blood vessel to reach its destination.

inside the artery wall,the white blood cell transforms into a clea-up cell called a macrophage.

that it transforms into a large, cholesterol-filled foam cell.

over many years the foam cells grow and multiply,forming plaque.

eventually, the growing plaque may block the flow off blood in an artery.

wrhin the artery wall are smooth muscle cells giving rhe artery is strength and tone.

these cells move to the interior of rhe artery to help strengthen the artery wall.

the smooth cells join together to stop the plaque from bursting into the blood stream.

unfortunately,the hight blood pressure causes the plaque to rupture,realising large clots into the blood stream.

the clots flow downstream,blocking an artery leading to rhe heart.

this is a heart attack.

the dark is dead heart muscle.

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